RFID Printer

LT-ZM2R/3R UHF label printer/Jewelry tag warehouse unmanned retail fixed asset printing

LT-ZM2R/3R An RFID UHF printer based on the Internet of Things RFID technology is very widely used, REID printers can be used for surface printing or EPC/ user area write data, and can also be used fo

 LT-ZM2R/3R An RFID UHF printer based on the Internet of Things RFID technology is very widely used, REID printers can be used for surface printing or EPC/ user area write data, and can also be used for anti-counterfeiting security, transportation, food, books, animals, agriculture, power management, electronic payment, environmental monitoring, smart home, public health, green ecology and other fields.

 Product features:

1, printing method: thermal/thermal transfer;

2、Multiple functional modes are optional: read the rfid tag after printing and writing, print and write at the same time, only print, only read and write;

3、Label protocol: EPC Class1 Gen2 (ISO 18000-6C);

4、Support a variety of specifications flexible anti-metal labels;

5、Machine intelligence learning algorithm to avoid miswriting UHF label data, bad label automatically print marks;

6、When reading and writing RFID tags, the printing quality is not affected, and the printing is clear and continuous without white lines;

7、One-click calibration of RFID tags, signal range visualization;

8、Optional USB/ serial /RJ45 network port, external Bluetooth;

9、Equipped with full-featured RFID tag editing and printing software;

10、Provide fully functional secondary development kit, which can cooperate with the application development of Windows, Linux, Kirin and other domestic systems;

11、The printer's hardware, control system, drivers, RFID tag editing software and other core technologies are all independently developed and have independent intellectual property rights.

Product parameters:

Model number



Printing mode

Thermal/thermal transfer printing


203 DPI (8点/mm)

300 DPI(11.8点/mm)

Maximum print speed

8 IPS(203.2 mm/s)

6 IPS(152.4 mm/s)

Maximum print width

4.25″(108 mm)

4.15″ (105.6 mm)

Maximum print length



Internal memory

8 MB Flash ROM, 16 MB SDRAM

Label roll size

Width: Max 4.5 "(116 mm), min 0.8" (20 mm)

Outer diameter: Max 5 "(127 mm) Inner diameter: Min 1" (25.4 mm)

Label thickness

0.06 to 1.5mm (0.002 "to 0.06"), including the thickness of the backing paper, supports flexible metal-resistant labels

Carbon strip size

Outer diameter (Max) : 2.75 "(70 mm) Inner diameter: 1" (25.4 mm) or 0.5 "(12.7 mm)

Maximum width: 4.3 "(110 mm) Maximum length: 300 m

Paper detection system

Reflective and penetrating dual sensors


Integrated high-performance RFID reader/encoder with support for tags compatible with UHF EPC Gen 2/ISO 18000-6C.

1, support print at the same time read and write data, only print or only read and write data working mode;

2, support to read the tag TID, EPC, TID+EPC data;

3, support USB and network two-way communication, real-time feedback printer status.

Bar code

One-dimensional bar codes such as Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, Codabar, EAN-8/13/128, Interleave 2 of 5, UCC-128, UPC A/E 2 and 5 add-on;

Data Matrix, MaxiCode, PDF417, QR and other 2D barcodes


RS-232 Serial port, USB port, (optional) RJ45 network port/external Bluetooth

Input power supply

24 VDC, 2.0-2.5 A


2.62 KGS

Body size

Width 208 x length 310 x height 195 mm

Working environment

Temperature: 0° C ~ 40° C (32° F ~ +104° F)

Relative humidity: 5% ~ 85% no condensation

Storage environment

Temperature: -40° C ~ 60° C (-40° F ~ +140° F)

Relative humidity: 5% ~ 85% no condensation

Select accessories

Wired network card, automatic paper stripper, external Bluetooth

Application situation

1. Manufacturing field:

For real-time monitoring of production data, quality tracking and automated production.

Ii. Logistics field:

Used for cargo tracking, automatic information collection, warehousing applications, port applications and postal express delivery.

3. Retail sector:

It is used for real-time monitoring of commodity sales data, anti-theft, self-service shopping in unmanned supermarkets.

Iv. Medical field:

Used for medical device management, patient identification and baby anti-theft.

5. Identification field:

It is used for various electronic documents such as e-passport, ID card and student ID card.

6. Military field:

Used for ammunition management, firearms management, material management, personnel management and vehicle identification and tracking.

Seven, anti-counterfeiting security field:

Mainly used for valuables (tobacco, alcohol, medicine) anti-counterfeiting, ticket anti-counterfeiting, car anti-theft and car positioning.

8. Asset Management field:

It is used for the management of valuable, dangerous, large quantity and high similarity of various types of assets.

9. Transportation field:

It is mainly used for non-stopping payment, taxi management, bus hub management, railway locomotive identification, air traffic control, passenger ticket identification and baggage and package tracking.

10. Food field:

Used for fruit, vegetable growth and fresh food preservation, traceability, etc.

11. Book Field:

It is used for the management of book materials in bookstores, libraries and publishing houses.

Xii. Animal Field:

Used for animal domestication, pet identification management and wildlife tracking.

Xiii. Agricultural Field:

It is used to monitor and trace the growth of livestock and agricultural products to ensure green agriculture and ensure the safety of agricultural products.

14. Power Management field:

It is used for real-time monitoring of power operation status, real-time monitoring of power load, power consumption inspection and line loss, so as to achieve efficient integrated management.

15. Electronic Payment field:

It is used in banking and retail sectors to make payments using payment methods such as bank cards or recharge cards.

16, smart home field:

It is used for the interconnection and interworking of various electronic products, communication products and information appliances in the family to realize smart home.